BIA is an engineering consulting firm and we are good designers. Since our inception in 1977, we have grown to the point where we realized that our management skills were inadequate if we were to remain successful. We have made many attempts to develop both our leadership and achieve an ownership transition, but the help that we received, while positive, did not address our needs. Early in 2005 we were introduced to Bill Metzger and Renaissance Consulting. Bill’s approach has been to work with key staff on leadership development and strategic planning. Bill worked with us to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the organization through the use of various skill assessment tools and proven tests. Our team utilized as a model the book, Good to Great by Jim Collins. We looked to get the right people on the bus and then get them in the right seat. We also learned critical debate and utilized the tool to discuss ‘what we do best’. We identified ‘key strategic areas’ and conducted both internal and external assessments, the basis for the strategic plan. Next we developed an organization chart, identifying roles and responsibilities for each position. Along the journey we dealt with the loss of a key leader through death. Finally, we utilized Bill’s counseling skills to deal with some family situations. BIA is a family and we are proud of it. Bill Metzger’s approach is firm but true. He expects a win-win situation for all. The process requires faith, but then that’s Bill’s strong suit.

Barry E. Isett
CEO, Barry Isett & Associates, Inc.

“Renaissance was brought on board about a year ago to assist with management team building and to handle a management transition situation. During this time period, a well respected and liked associate passed away and Renaissance guided the firm through this difficult time. Bill’s background enabled us to make a difficult situation enhance the firm. Renaissance has done a good job guiding the firm through some difficult situations.”

Robert E. Heist
EMT, Barry Isett & Associates, Inc.

“Beyond gaining a friend in Bill, Renaissance assisted BIA in truthfully setting the direction for our future. Bill’s continued assistance and ability to facilitate discussion allowed our Senior Management Team to engage in critical debate. Without his involvement we may not have been able to achieve what we have achieved in the few months we have worked together.”

Ahmad Mahmud
CFO, MEP Department Manager, Barry Isett & Associates, Inc.

Renaissance Consulting Group, Inc.
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Solidly rooted in systems theory and the practical application of systems analysis, Renaissance's primary focus is assisting organizations in recreating leadership and planning for renewed performance by:

• developing well differentiated leaders

strategic mission-driven operational and long range planning

program and process assessment and redesign

improving work group dynamics

Board governance

conflict resolution concepts techniques and skill development

succession planning

project management processes, policies and tools

improving teamwork

operational effectiveness and efficiency

IRenaissance offers a variety of workshops addressing topics such as business planning, process improvement, Board development & governance, conflict resolution, leadership development and succession planning.