“It was indeed a joy and a blessing to work with Bill throughout 2007. As a former longtime businessman, called to ministry in late 2006, I feel as though I have a unique perspective on his genuineness in concern, dedication to his client, his thoroughness in preparation, and his ability to inspire others to go the extra mile in meeting the challenges in their paths. In my opinion, his ability to lead a congregation through difficult times is second to none. With me as a first year, first time pastor, Bill served as both my Spiritual Advisor and as the church's Conflict Management Consultant. That was truly a wonderful working relationship of which I will always have fond memories.
Due to church budget constraints, Bill was only contracted to be with us for one year. Nevertheless, he got us headed in the right direction towards resolving the long and ongoing process of healing. His influence and his inspiration has played a major role in helping the church leaders understand what needs to be done to rejuvenate people towards being and living as Jesus Christ taught and expects of us.”

Rev. Kenneth H. Frey
Pastor, Calvary United Church of Christ

“Renaissance Consulting helped us develop a pathway and foundation for individuals and groups in our church and community to heal after years of difficult times; enabling us to move forward as a single church unit. I believe Reverend Metzger's methodologies and interactive process, enhanced by spirituality, insightfulness, and a very sincere, deeply routed passion to help others, enables Renaissance to provide guidance for any group of any size to heal and move forward. Personally, interacting with Pastor Metzger has been very rewarding, spiritually fulfilling, and has challenged me to be the best leader, servant, husband and father that I can be. I have the utmost respect for his character and abilities and am proud to know him.”

Randy L. Eck
Calvary United Church of Christ

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Solidly rooted in systems theory and the practical application of systems analysis, Renaissance's primary focus is assisting organizations in recreating leadership and planning for renewed performance by:

• developing well differentiated leaders

strategic mission-driven operational and long range planning

program and process assessment and redesign

improving work group dynamics

Board governance

conflict resolution concepts techniques and skill development

succession planning

project management processes, policies and tools

improving teamwork

operational effectiveness and efficiency

Renaissance offers a variety of workshops addressing topics such as business planning, process improvement, Board development & governance, conflict resolution, leadership development and succession planning.