Solidly rooted in systems theory and the practical application of systems analysis, Renaissance's primary focus is assisting organizations in recreating leadership and planning for renewed performance by:

• developing well differentiated leaders

strategic mission-driven operational and long range planning

program and process assessment and redesign

improving work group dynamics

Board governance

conflict resolution concepts techniques and skill development

succession planning

project management processes, policies and tools

improving teamwork

operational effectiveness and efficiency

Renaissance offers a variety of workshops addressing topics such as business planning, process improvement, Board development & governance, conflict resolution, leadership development and succession planning.


“Bill’s background and character allow him to provide a multifaceted approach to consulting that addresses both the personal as well as business aspects of business evolution. He has been an invaluable resource to our company, to me personally, and to others in the organization as we have faced the challenges of growth and change.”

Michael D. Ondra, President
Ondra-Huyett Associates, Inc.

“The results that we have achieved through the consulting services provided by Renaissance Consulting have been remarkable. The processes used and the exercises demonstrated have resulted in a thorough analysis and accurate determination of the management strengths and weaknesses that make up our organization—‘our DNA’. Our organization is now postured to transition from a ‘good’ company to a ‘great’ company and lead the way in the construction industry. Bill’s character & candor approach were very effective in reaching positive results to challenging issues.”

Ron Jerdon, General Manager
Ondra-Huyett Construction Services

BIA is an engineering consulting firm and we are good designers. Since our inception in 1977, we have grown to the point where we realized that our management skills were inadequate if we were to remain successful. We have made many attempts to develop both our leadership and achieve an ownership transition, but the help that we received, while positive, did not address our needs. Early in 2005 we were introduced to Bill Metzger and Renaissance Consulting. Bill’s approach has been to work with key staff on leadership development and strategic planning. Bill worked with us to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the organization through the use of various skill assessment tools and proven tests. Our team utilized as a model the book, Good to Great by Jim Collins. We looked to get the right people on the bus and then get them in the right seat. We also learned critical debate and utilized the tool to discuss ‘what we do best’. We identified ‘key strategic areas’ and conducted both internal and external assessments, the basis for the strategic plan. Next we developed an organization chart, identifying roles and responsibilities for each position. Along the journey we dealt with the loss of a key leader through death. Finally, we utilized Bill’s counseling skills to deal with some family situations. BIA is a family and we are proud of it. Bill Metzger’s approach is firm but true. He expects a win-win situation for all. The process requires faith, but then that’s Bill’s strong suit.

Barry E. Isett
CEO, Barry Isett & Associates, Inc.

“Renaissance was brought on board about a year ago to assist with management team building and to handle a management transition situation. During this time period, a well respected and liked associate passed away and Renaissance guided the firm through this difficult time. Bill’s background enabled us to make a difficult situation enhance the firm. Renaissance has done a good job guiding the firm through some difficult situations.”

Robert E. Heist
EMT, Barry Isett & Associates, Inc.

“Beyond gaining a friend in Bill, Renaissance assisted BIA in truthfully setting the direction for our future. Bill’s continued assistance and ability to facilitate discussion allowed our Senior Management Team to engage in critical debate. Without his involvement we may not have been able to achieve what we have achieved in the few months we have worked together.”

Ahmad Mahmud
CFO, MEP Department Manager, Barry Isett & Associates, Inc.

“Bill has been a great resource and partner in the York Association’s (YAA) effort to unite in activities which strengthen all of us and our communities. Bill is a pragmatic, savvy, spiritual leader with a good project management background. These qualities enabled him to work with us to develop a sound, realistic plan which we continue to implement.”

Larry Bean, Consistory President
Bethany UCC - York Association, PCC UCC

“Rev. Metzger led our Association in a two year visioning process to strengthen the mutual ministry and mission among the thirty-three churches of the York Association of the U.C.C. At all times, his leadership was Christ-centered and biblically grounded. His presence instilled trust and confidence. As a keen listener and observer, Bill is very astute in identifying areas of growth. He was very supportive throughout the process and from the very beginning, successful implementation was a primary goal.”

Rev. Cathy Sherry
York Association Council - COM Chair

“It gives me a great deal of pleasure to be able to write some very positive statements about the Renaissance Consulting Services. These services are headed by the Rev. A. William Metzger. The York Association of the Penn Central Conference of the United Church of Christ contracted with Bill Metzger to conduct a very intense examination of our mission and ministry. About fifteen churches took part in this process. The results to date have been excellent. Bill Metzger inspired and guided us into many visions for the present and the future. His leadership was very spiritual and very dynamic in all of his presentations. He communicated very well with both lay persons and clergy. Bill is
able to work with churches, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Therefore, I would highly recommend the Renaissance Consulting Services led by A. William Metzger. For me it was personally very educational and gratifying to work with Bill.”

The Rev. Henry W. Korinth
Pastor Emeritus, York Association of the UCC

“Bill provided real value in four key areas in working with the York PA Association of the United Church of Christ: credible, relevant experience that provided the insight needed to visualize success inspired, faith-based leadership that produced the required sense of urgency support and optimism that gave us the confidence to stay the course proven process which helped produce the meaningful results we desired.”

Jim Groff, Key Area Team Lead
York Association of the UCC

“Rev. Metzger had a consulting relationship with Salem UCC for over 5 years. Initial work together built a relationship of trust. Church leaders were sufficiently impressed that they invited Bill to return at a later date when Salem faced a deepening crisis. Bill was always calm and compassionate, but realistic. He proved to be absolutely trustworthy, and also faith-filled. He did not promise something he could not deliver, and this engendered much respect. Thanks to Bill the leaders of Salem UCC were able to plan realistically for the future of their building & fellowship.”

Rev. Dr. Katherine E. Brearley
Transitional Pastor, Salem UCC

“Renaissance Consulting Group has provided consistent, high-quality results on all contract assignments for my operation. Those assignments were diverse but Renaissance never failed to deliver superior solutions that were readily implemented. These results were achieved by their straight-forward no-nonsense approach – up front interaction with the client in developing a thorough understanding of customer needs and expectations, an ability to transform those needs into a comprehensive plan, and a skill in turning client expectations into project success targets.
Renaissance resources established and maintained a close working relationship with us during all their engagements. They effectively managed their assignments and delivered results when promised.
Renaissance is committed to your success and that commitment produces results that will exceed your expectations.”

Anthony F. Dreisbach
Manager-Business Planning, PPL Electric Utilities

“During my years working for a Fortune 500 utility, I participated in a strategic planning process facilitated by Renaissance Consulting Group, Inc. I marveled at Bill Metzger’s mastery of complex operational and financial issues. While facilitating teams of high-level managers with responsibilities spanning several major corporate functions, Bill demonstrated insights, perspectives and technical knowledge that clearly represented a big picture view of the needs and potential of the business. He has the ability to bring disparate ideas into a shared view, to resolve stalemates, and to draw out participation from all players. His focus is on the bottom line and on the relationships that are essential to achieving business results. His straight forward approach, his genuine concern for the individual, his commitment to the success of the business, and his sense of humor make him a consultant that becomes a trusted partner.”

Dawn G. Lennon
Principal, Big Picture Consulting

“Bill has been working with our company overseeing our Strategic Business Planning as well as Leadership Development. His ability to keep meetings on track as well as asking the correct questions to open people’s minds is extremely benefiting to all participants. He masters all his capabilities in counseling conflict management and executive coaching during all meetings and creates a positive learning environment. I enjoy attending and working with Mr. Metzger.”

Todd Emsweller
Ondra Huyett Associates, Inc.

“I have known Bill since his student days at Lancaster Seminary. I was very pleased that Church of the Apostles called him as senior interim pastor in 2003. Bill brought strong leadership to the church, supported by excellent pastoral and organizational skills. His organizational leadership was balanced by leadership in worship. In two years he enabled the church to develop new leaders, re-write the By-laws and policies for governance, develop short and long range plans, and re-organize the pastoral and support staff. To do all of this it was necessary to deal with the basic issue of a serious church conflict, with deep feelings on both sides and the loss of some members. Bill is forthright and direct, asking people to face what happened and engage in discussion that can actually lead to common ground. He is in command of strategies to overcome conflict and build a new community. Most important, he adapts and designs these strategies for the situation at hand, rather than following a rigid schedule or procedure. In the case of Apostles, he was able to move a large church forward because he is highly organized, communicates well with council, committees and the entire congregation, and works very hard. If at the point of his call there were people wondering if the price was too high, at the point of his departure people thanked God that we had the opportunity to have him as the transition leader. He is truly qualified as an interim pastor.”

Peter Schmiechen
Member of Church of the Apostles UCC and President Emeritus, Lancaster Seminary Lancaster, PA

“I write this as a veteran interim/transition minister and sometimes supervisor of interims-in-training, as well as a member of Church of the Apostles United Church of Christ. As a member of the Church Council and the Leadership Planning Team and chair of the Stewardship Commission I was highly involved in many facets of the life of the church prior to and during Pastor Metzger’s two-year interim there. Apostles is a large and complex congregation which was deeply wounded by internal conflict prior to Pastor Metzger’s arrival. His service was extraordinarily helpful. Let me cite a few key features: He emphasized, with deliberate redundancy, the various functions of the church, from worship to governance, as sacred work which should be grounded in the classical Reformed tradition, beginning with the Scriptures, and manifest the gifts and fruits of the Spirit. He commanded—and modeled—a climate of openness and honest, direct communication, without triangulation and without secrets, but also without violating appropriate confidentiality. He consistently maintained a non-anxious presence while being unfailingly vigorous and energetic in both initiative and responsive leadership. He related well to persons of all ages, including children. He was unrelenting in pursuit of the classical tasks of interim ministry, prompting the congregation to work through and accept its history, moving through anxiety, grief and self-doubt to hopefulness and confidence; identify its strengths and weaknesses and own the ingredients of its complex identity; reaffirm its denominational and ecumenical connections; envision its future; etc. He reconfigured the power dynamics in the congregation. In a very dialectical fashion he first drew a great deal of power and authority to himself, and quickly re-empowered the elected leaders and involved participants through personal counsel and support, creating the Leadership Planning Team, frequent congregational forum gatherings, disciplined review and revision of the statement of mission, by-laws and policy manuals, and Sunday schedule for worship and education. He reorganized the pastoral staff, utilizing seasoned pastors who contributed to the sense of stability as well as the climate of care. He provided major guidance in reorganizing the professional and lay staff and clarifying personnel policies, including revision of compensation schedules. In all of this he earned the trust of the elected leaders and members, and demanded and received from them a high level of cooperation and participation. He was not dissuaded, yet did not become unkindly, when others became weary or resistant. Insofar as possible, he connected with disaffected members in a non-judgmental way and encouraged them to clarify for themselves the future of their relationship with the church. As with any pastorate, a lot of pastoral care was provided without being open to public scrutiny. His ego was large and strong but never for his own personal aggrandizement. He modeled maintaining healthy boundaries, including the boundary between personal and professional. His exercise of power was powerful, artful, and never abusive. He left the congregation much healthier than it was when he arrived. In sum, I commend the ministry of A. William Metzger at Church of the Apostles as a model for the complex church.”

Rev. Donald Freeman
PhD Church Council Member, Leadership Planning Team Member, Chair of the Stewardship Commission,
Church of the Apostles UCC
Professor Emeritus, Lancaster Theological Seminary Lancaster, PA

“Rev. William Metzger came to our church in late 2003, after a serious schism had developed among our members. Our church had been torn apart by two contending groups, arguing primarily over the evangelical thrust that some of our leadership seemed to be following. Many of those of the more evangelical persuasion left the church, as did many persons who were unhappy with the acrimony that they were witnessing among supposedly good Christians. Many of us who remained were not at all certain that our church could survive. Rev. Metzger proved to be the perfect leader for our time of crisis. Not only was he an excellent administrator and facilitator, but he was also a wonderful pastoral leader. He led us through a careful examination of what had gone wrong, always emphasizing that we should be careful not to assess blame but only to make certain that something like this could not happen again. One of his most important contributions was leading in the development of a code of conduct for our members, a code which emphasized being non-judgmental, talking thinks through and always examining our own motives in every situation. While Rev. Metzger was with us, we began the search for a permanent minister. There could be no better endorsement of Rev. Metzger’s time with us than the number of church members who often expressed the impossible wish that he could become our permanent minister.”

John M. Hess
Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“I cannot say enough about Pastor Bill’s ability to turn a hurtful congregation into a renewed, thriving, happy membership again. His leadership exceeded our expectations. His ability to bring our congregation back on the path after several years of confusion and lack of direction impressed all of us. We healed our wounds and are coming back better and stronger than before thanks to Bill. Bill has a sincere desire to help. He is kind, thorough, on top of any situation that may arise and really does get the job done.”

Harold S. Rhodes Jr.
Treasurer, Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“The services came to Church of the Apostles through Rev. Bill Metzger at a time when there was great division and chaos. There was a lack of pastoral and lay leadership. Upon his departure from this Intentional Interim, Rev. Metzger had led the congregation through a discernment process which removed most of the divisiveness and strengthened the laity to find leadership and to be ready to be a united congregation with new pastoral leadership chosen. The process of open dialog with printed information for all members to have available proved to be a vital factor in the process.”

Sally Bright
Church and Ministry Liaison to Church of the Apostles Lancaster Association United Church of Christ

“Pastor Bill was invested in Apostles’ success from the beginning of his ministry with us—he was always more than an “interim”. Through that investment, he was most successful in developing the emotional ownership required from our own lay leadership to build a successful vision for the Church. Yes, he guided us through the difficult process of taking responsibility for our own future, but he did it in such an empowering way, that even the most timid among us were always energized and optimistic of the future. Having worked with many consultants over the course of my career, Pastor Bill will always stand out in my mind for his human skill. He fully grasped the significance of our challenges and the objective of his engagement—and was successfully able, in a very short time, to empower us, as lay leadership, to “own that vision” and energetically work toward it. Such leadership is rare in any situation, but particularly from an interim with caring for the people behind the engagement, make the difference. I shall miss him; indeed I already do, as a role model and mentor. He continues to serve, in my memory, as an excellent example of how to behave and achieve positive results in a variety of challenging situations. We cannot thank him enough for the work that he did at Church of the Apostles.”

Jackie Diffenderffer
Search Committee Member, Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Bill faced the task of reuniting and keeping a divided church congregation united. This required all the skills Bill has acquired through his diversified education, industrial/business experience and a well grounded theological approach. As the Senior Intentional Interim Pastor he explored in depth the deep rooted problem areas and then disseminated each one with the precision a skilled surgeon would employ to remove a ‘cancer’. In whatever field, business, education, theological, Bill will provide the leadership, wisdom and friendship to attain unbelievable positive results.”

Carl F. Bernhardt
Past Council President, Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Pastor Bill Metzger accepted a big challenge, to rebuild a congregation torn by diverse opinions and personalities. He guided a leadership planning team to write new by-laws and make personal commitments to the success of a rebuilt Church of the Apostles. Our many thanks to Pastor Bill.”

Robert L. Miller
Council Member, Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“There are too many adjectives to describe the satisfaction I have witnessed during the time you guided us to a point of strength to continue on our own. Thorough, respectful, detailed, complete, comprehensive, sincere, organized—are just a few words to describe your work. It was difficult to see you leave Church of the Apostles, but we are all better people for having had the privilege of your guidance at a difficult time as well. All the work was not as painful as it could have been, but because of your great sense of humor it wasn’t so cumbersome! I am grateful our paths have crossed—thank you!”

Alice Peterson
Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“As a member of a church that was ‘struggling’ to find itself over two years ago I must admit that Renaissance Consulting Group brought all my brothers and sisters to a better understanding of each other; our needs and values were understood and improved and an air of ‘we can do this’ was lovingly and genuinely created, with God’s help, to set all of us upon a path of Christian love and accomplishments. All the above would not have happened without the grace of God and Rev. A. William Metzger.”

Thomas E. Rex
Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Had it not been for Rev. Bill Metzger’s leadership, Church of the Apostles may have had to close its doors or, at least, drop its affiliation with the United Church of Christ. Thanks to his gentle but strict leadership, a church once split down the middle with internal problems is back on track with a growing congregation planning for the future, an active youth movement, an enlightened sense of community outreach to those in need, a balanced budget, and a quality leadership core. Pastor Bill’s legacy to us is his focus on the Fruits of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, generosity, self control, and a humble and contrite heart. With a congregation intent on developing these personal traits, Church of the Apostles is marching into the future with greater faith and hope than it had at any time in the past. Thank you, God, for sending Pastor Bill our way.”

John M. Silknetter
Council Member—Outreach Commission Member, Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Bill Metzger successfully guided our church through a very difficult time. Bill is highly organized, a quick learner and was able to quickly analyze the church’s current state and successfully led our leadership planning team in the development of our future state plans. Bill is hard-working, gets tasks accomplished in a timely manner and is focused on the established mission. He related well to people of all ages within our church community. During his tenure as our Intentional Interim Lead Pastor, church services once again provided significant meaning. I often thought if I were a visitor looking for a church family, this would be a church I would feel compelled to join. During my business career, I was responsible for the selection of consultants to help our business accomplish various tasks and missions. Based on our positive experience, I would highly recommend the use of Renaissance Consulting’’s services.”

Lou Gaudioso
Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Pastor Bill has performed his duties for the Church of the Apostles in a more than exemplary fashion. His excellent leadership skills empowered the people of Church of the Apostles. He guided us to list and review the good and not so good events of our past history. We assessed our present situation, and he gave us the courage to move forward. Pastor Bill gave us those tools which we needed to succeed. He helped us formulate our future to use our own gifts and talents to do God’s work. Pastor Bill was an instrument when Church of the Apostles needed God’s guidance. With a straightforward and commanding presence, Pastor Bill’s leadership skills, organization qualities and sincerity of spirit are positive characteristics. His personality meets others on mutually common ground. His ‘people’ skills meet and greet others with a ‘You are special’ flare. He can be serious, light and downright comical. He is a unique gift sent by God to be shared by many. He is also blessed with a wonderful family of his own. It was a pleasure to work with Pastor Bill. Church of the Apostles has learned much about ourselves and our faith while he was among us. As a Search Committee member, his expertise and wisdom were very valuable and appreciated.”

Eileen Shaffer Thomas
Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Bill Metzger came into our congregation at a time of high stress, fractured membership full of self doubts and no direction. He took the leadership and congregation on a course of self evaluation and study. He set down a strict set of conduct guidelines that eliminated destructive undertones and behavior. We studied our past history and analyzed our successes and failures that brought us to that point. Bill Metzger’s forceful presence, analytical perspective, insightful feedback and attention to details has proved to be the exact combination that helped save our congregation!”

Stephen Daniels
Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Bill contracted to deliver a program of renewal for Church of the Apostles with a membership of 1000 in a specific time period. He successfully completed the project within the parameters of his contract. As an unbiased consultant possessing remarkable spiritual and practical gifts he gained the confidence of a broken congregation and led the members to create a healthy organization so that the church now stands on the brink of realizing great possibilities for the future.”

William E. Irwin
Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Rev. Metzger was a welcomed friend, leader and consultant at Church of the Apostles. He was able to provide hope and leadership to Church of the Apostles during a very difficult time. Bill’s business development and planning was essential to getting Church of the Apostles back on the right path both spiritually and financially. His leadership, guidance and personality will be sorely missed at Church of the Apostles, but during his tenure he was able to build a solid foundation that will allow the Church of the Apostles’ leadership and congregation to grow in the right direction (to God!).”

Timothy R. Leedy
Church Council Member, Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“During a tumultuous time in our church, concerning leadership and direction, I welcomed Bill Metzger’s proposal to come to our church as the intentional interim minister. He proposed to “right the ships” and send us on our way—a better church. His dynamic presentation at that time convinced me that he was the man for the position. He impressed me so much that at a subsequent meeting, held to vote on his investiture I stood to declare that I likened Bill Metzger as the “best oncologist to cure our loved ones cancer”. Not being a very communicative person I can honestly state that this letter of endorsement of Pastor Bill is my testament to the wonderful abilities of this man. He cured the ills of the church and instilled order where there had been confusion and disarray. All of the steps he outlined in his original proposal were completed to the satisfaction of all in the church. I am glad I crossed Bill Metzger’s path in life. He left me a better man and I can easily state that I haven’t met any better man than he is.”

George Ott
Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Pastor Bill provided stability during an unsettled period at Church of the Apostles. He led the congregation through a 2 year spiritual journey that taught us what a healthy church is and how to become one. We worked together to lay the foundation to accomplish this goal. In the end, we used these tools to select a Senior Pastor. Pastor Bill was always honest and open and provided the leadership that was needed to carry Church of the Apostles forward.”

Judy Waltman
Leadership Planning Team Member, Search Committee Member,
Education Commission Member, Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Bill gave Church of the Apostles a way to focus on the work at hand. His well thought-out and extremely thorough process work empowered the leadership of the church to move forward in a critical time.”

Marja Coons Torn
Conference Minister, Penn Central Conference

“Two years ago, ours was a seriously fractured congregation. You led us through a systematic and spiritually based process of self-discovery and reconciliation. Your guidance, coaching and organization were instrumental to our recovery. Thank you for being such a positive and thoughtful shepherd to this congregation!”

Peter Van Buskirk
Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“We here at Church of the Apostles were more than satisfied with the guidance and leadership provided by Pastor Bill Metzger of Renaissance Consulting in the two years he spent with us. He required a real commitment from those of us thrust into leadership positions to work through and understand our situation at Church of the Apostles. Through thorough examination of past mistakes and future expectations, he helped us put into place procedures for preventing future conflict. He helped us to understand our obligation to our UCC denomination, and in turn their obligation to us. His business background and talent for administration helped us to restore our staff’s ability to serve the Church. Pastor Bill had a genuine concern for our members, and interacted with each of us on a personal basis. His sense of humor lightened many moments of tension and endeared him to children and adults alike. He spent many hours writing, organizing, e-mailing our procedures and policies after consulting with various committees. At personal expense of his time to himself and his family, he logged many hours commuting between Lancaster and his home. He will be “a hard act to follow” here, but hopefully he has prepared us to select a pastor who understands our needs and will be able to lead us into the future.”

Marianne Thoman
Outreach Commission Chair, Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“My contact with Bill Metzger came as a member of the leadership planning team and co-chair of the search committee. Bill possessed the leadership skills to guide Church of the Apostles through conflict management, comprehensive plans for lay ministry, covenant for Christian leadership and statements of vision, values and mission, etc. Through his forums and valuable insight, Bill guided the search committee in obtaining the wealth of information needed to provide the pastoral candidate with the completion of the local church profile. During his two years plus with Church of the Apostles, Bill had gained the respect of all church members and healed us from within. I personally highly recommend Bill Metzger.”

John S. Eshbach
Co-chair of Search Committee, Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Your services were invaluable to a congregation that was torn, shocked, and baffled by the events that transpired. You presented your program, one that put us to task involving us in the healing and restructuring process of the church. We learned a lot about ourselves, the church’s affiliation with the UCC on the national and local levels, and the varying types of leadership styles within churches (i.e. senior pastor, etc.). Your personality, professionalism, and managerial skills were instrumental in re-staffing the church at a level we could afford and also the reviewing of all the church policies. With your guidance we now have a much healthier church, a wonderful new pastor, and a much brighter future. It was a lot of hard work and a lot of paper but the end result was nothing short of a miracle as God worked through all of us here at Apostles! Thanks so much for all that you helped us with and may God bless you and your family!”

Herbert Forry
Property Commission Chairperson, Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Church of the Apostles had gone through some traumatic conflicts which caused a large number of people to leave the church. A prior interim minister had failed to help the congregation resolve their differences. Pastor Bill’s services enabled the congregation to learn communication skills to help enable successful change management; to take ownership of their actions and words; and, to work together for common goals even if they disagreed on theological issues.”

Cathy Kenlin
Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Bill Metzger’s skills in conflict management are exemplary. Through his guidance and direction, the congregation was able to work through difficult issues to determine a root cause for its problems, rather than settling for easy answers or false conjecture. His approach was disciplined, with a strong focus on personal integrity and accountability. He directed open and frank discussions, facilitated negotiations, and encouraged the practice of consensus based on a covenantal model for Christian behavior. It is unusual to find a pastor who is equally gifted in both ministerial and business acumen. Bill’s secular experience in management is an incredible asset, because he has been able to take the best practices of the corporate world and adapt them to church leadership. Bill has a passion for organization, for goal-setting, for motivating and challenging others, and is committed to working with people towards a common goal. We were graced with his wonderful sense of humor, his tireless optimism, and his rock-solid faith during the time that he spent at Church of the Apostles. I would have no reservations about engaging Renaissance Consulting in the future and would recommend Bill Metzger to any church that is struggling with interpersonal discord.”

Karen L. Lovelace
Church of the Apostles UCC Lancaster, PA

“Renaissance has provided exceptional value to our organization’s initiatives involving change management, tactical and strategic business planning, work flow design, and communications. The consulting services provided were not only well thought out technical solutions, but also methods to effectively implement changes. Most importantly, Renaissance considers the impact of change on the people involved in the business, and their implementation plans address these issues thoroughly.
Renaissance has proven adept at tackling a broad range of technical and management problems, and delivering realistic, innovative solutions quickly. This firm is my model of performance desired from any consultant.”

John M. Finnegan
Manager-System Work Management, PPL Electric Utilities

“Bill did an excellent job on several assignments at PPL. He is an excellent facilitator and can bring the best out of a team assignment. He has outstanding people skills, high standards of integrity and is a pleasure to work with. Bill helped us greatly in achieving bottom line results in a timely fashion.”

John R. Menichini
Vice President Customer Services, PPL Corp

“Bill was a major factor in our success. He not only helped/guided our development of an integrated plan, but worked with us to achieve the plan. His guidance was consistent and principle based."

David G. Cole
Manager AOE, PPL Electric Utilities

“Without Bill’s solid utility background and remarkable facilitation skills, Power Delivery would never have implemented a process-based organizational structure within the allotted timeframe of two years. Bill also lead a team that implemented the Work Management Process to ensure the right process work gets done on time and by the proper resources.”

Allen C. Cassaday
Manager Resource Planning, PPL Electric Utilities

“Bill brings a portfolio of skill sets and experience of proven value. His detailed knowledge of utility operations, in addition to a strong strategic perspective, has been an asset in his assignment at PPL Electric Utilities. Moreover, his excellent communication skills make him effective in a variety of audiences, ranging from senior management to employee meetings. Bill also displays significant flexibility, successfully executing assignments ranging from specific consulting assignments to meeting facilitation. As important as the technical/professional skills he brings to his work is his personal integrity which has resulted in a long standing relationship with PPL.”

Bernard Bujnowski
Resource Manager, PPL Electric Utilities

“[Renaissance] provided strategic planning and change process facilitation for the Power Delivery Department and PPL Electric Utilities. Bill demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the business as well as the methodology utilized in effective strategic planning and objective setting. He worked effectively with both Sr. Management and line management in development of strategic goal alignment and change management. He built solid relationships within PPL Electric Utilities.”

Janis M. Thomas
Manager HR Client Services, PPL Corp

“Bill did an excellent job in facilitating two business planning teams for me.
1) Bill worked with a team charged to reduce plant maintenance costs and to develop a maintenance labor strategy including staff sizing and make-up.
2) Bill worked with my direct reports and me in our plant business planning process charged with formulating the plant objectives and initiatives needed to achieve Department business targets.
I would recommend Bill to anyone needing help in the areas of business planning and process analysis.”

Gregory L. Smith
Plant Superintendent, PPL Brunner Island LLC

“The consulting service provided by Bill Metzger of Renaissance Consulting Group was very professional and fruitful. Bill worked hard to provide meaningful direction, in a timely manner, on an effort that requires a shift in company culture.”

Robert T. Steiff
Senior Power Production Engineer, PPL

“Renaissance helped Glencrest formulate an Employee Policy Handbook. This was accomplished by interviewing all employees and holding conferences with management. It was a difficult job due to the fact that some employees were family members. The work was done professionally and timely while accessing all the details.
Renaissance and Mr. Metzger saw us through a difficult time. We would definitely use Renaissance in the future should the need arise.”

Douglas N. Kern
President, Glencrest Realty Co.

“Consulting services provided by Renaissance Consulting Group, Inc. are of the highest quality. The consultant is extremely informed and knowledgeable, has great insight and understanding of the issues he is confronted with. My personal experience with the consultant is that he is reality oriented and is not prejudgment. Through conversation with clients he assists them in arriving at resolutions to their problems.
My working relationship with Renaissance Consulting Group, Inc. was excellent. There was always discussion relative to issues and consensus relative to possible resolutions of difficult situations. In all situations I was extremely pleased and satisfied with the results achieved.”

Rev. Dr. Harold A. Henning
Interim Conference Minister, Penn Northeast Conference UCC (retired)

“Renaissance Consulting Group helped this small, non-profit faith community related organization understand its purpose and direction in a way that probably prevented it from failure. A clear picture was provided of various efforts by board members and officers that sometimes were at cross-purposes enabling us to find the threads of integrity those efforts represented. Bill Metzger keeps us on track, focused and productive.”

Rev. William A. Seaman
Chair, Interfaith Coalition on Poverty

“I serve as Vice Chair of the trustees of a new, fledgling organization – The Lehigh Valley Interfaith Coalition on Poverty. Bill Metzger has been invaluable as our consultant in establishing sound organizational policies, procedures, etc. He has also assisted in the development of a working Board of Trustees. He has been very helpful and responsive to our needs.”

The Venerable Richard I. Cluett
Archdeacon, The Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem

"Bill Metzger has acted as consultant to the Board of Directors of this nascent non-profit corporation for more than a year. His guidance, observations and commitment to our work have been invaluable. He has skillfully assisted us through several difficult transitions and into a planning process which will take the organization into the future. I have appreciated working with Bill and look forward to continuing the relationship.”

Patricia Lemmerman
Treasurer, Interfaith Coalition on Poverty

“The Interfaith Coalition on Poverty is a new non-profit organization with a Board of Directors that is developing standards, goals, policies and procedures. It is a challenging task to start a new effort. Renaissance has provided thoughtful, well-organized, and carefully constructed guidance all along the way. Bill Metzger has made significant contributions because he understands what we are doing and he prods us to do better than we think we can.”

Janet L. Ney
Board of Directors Secretary, Interfaith Coalition on Poverty

“Bill Metzger offered professional and compassionate leadership as our Union Church moved forward in the process of disbanding. I personally found him a valuable resource. The entire committee felt comfortable with him and appreciated his sense of fairness and integrity.”

Rev. Becky J. Beckwith
Pastor, Jerusalem United Church of Christ

“Bill is organized, prepared, sensitive to our needs as individuals and as a group, and deeply spiritual. As he guides us through this process, he is patient as we struggle with issues but keeps us on task. We’ll miss his calm presence when he’s gone!”

Diane Follet
Vestry member, Episcopal Church of the Mediator

“Bill has brought a very objective and measurable approach to an area many feel can only be dealt with subjectively. I find his methods refreshing, effective and it gives our church a road map through the wilderness. We have made significant progress in the areas of Leadership Development & Vestry relationships.”

Charles Barebo
Senior Warden, Episcopal Church of the Mediator

“Rev. Metzger was one of several consulting resources recommended to us at a time when our church was in an unsettled state. We had one minister leave under unfortunate circumstances and the subsequent minister left after a rather short pastorate.
When we first interviewed Rev. Metzger, in addition to his counseling experience, he impressed us with the well-thought out plan he had prepared to assist us through this difficult period. In the ensuing months he facilitated our self-analysis and introspection as well as enabling us to formulate a clearer vision of what our vision and mission should be.
He was also a tremendous resource for our Search Committee in the compilation of our church profile and ideal characteristics for our new pastor. Under Rev. Metzger’s leadership, we also developed a comprehensive plan for ministry.
Rev. Metzger impressed us with the diligence, enthusiasm and professionalism he displayed in his consultations. His sessions were always well prepared, comprehensive, and his follow-up was excellent. He is very personable and is very adept at drawing out responses. We are extremely satisfied with his process and the results. We wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone requiring his expertise.”

Carole Deutsch
For Jordan United Church of Christ Consistory and Search Committee

“Our church had reached a stand still as far as growth and direction were concerned. I thought it might be impossible to get such a diverse group of people to come to a consensus in future direction. Bill Metzger's work with Asbury Church has had a tremendous effect on our congregation. After (8) months of work with the Congregational Leadership Team, we have adopted goals, strengthened our sense of Spiritual guidance for the church and the energy level and spirit of cooperation has grown. Bill was able to guide us through a process to get us “unstuck” and energized for ministry.”

Rev. Melinda L. McKonly
Senior Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church

“Bill Metzger's easy going, yet professional, style was refreshing. He had the ability to be flexible with the large group discussions while still keeping us on track to reach our objectives. I recommend Bill and Renaissance Consulting wholeheartedly.”

Donalee Frary
Choir - Care/Hospitality Ministries, Asbury United Methodist Church

“Bill's organization skills provided a keen structure to our internal analysis. I especially liked how he started and ended meetings with Scriptures. Bill was clearly the facilitator, not the director or dictator, of our change. This is crucial in organizational restructure.
Bill's pleasant and affirming nature also provided a risk-free environment where all participants felt comfortable to participate.”

Debbie Lynch, Ph.D.
Professor, Kutztown University

“It was indeed a joy and a blessing to work with Bill throughout 2007. As a former longtime businessman, called to ministry in late 2006, I feel as though I have a unique perspective on his genuineness in concern, dedication to his client, his thoroughness in preparation, and his ability to inspire others to go the extra mile in meeting the challenges in their paths. In my opinion, his ability to lead a congregation through difficult times is second to none. With me as a first year, first time pastor, Bill served as both my Spiritual Advisor and as the church's Conflict Management Consultant. That was truly a wonderful working relationship of which I will always have fond memories.
Due to church budget constraints, Bill was only contracted to be with us for one year. Nevertheless, he got us headed in the right direction towards resolving the long and ongoing process of healing. His influence and his inspiration has played a major role in helping the church leaders understand what needs to be done to rejuvenate people towards being and living as Jesus Christ taught and expects of us.”

Rev. Kenneth H. Frey
Pastor, Calvary United Church of Christ

“Renaissance Consulting helped us develop a pathway and foundation for individuals and groups in our church and community to heal after years of difficult times; enabling us to move forward as a single church unit. I believe Reverend Metzger's methodologies and interactive process, enhanced by spirituality, insightfulness, and a very sincere, deeply routed passion to help others, enables Renaissance to provide guidance for any group of any size to heal and move forward. Personally, interacting with Pastor Metzger has been very rewarding, spiritually fulfilling, and has challenged me to be the best leader, servant, husband and father that I can be. I have the utmost respect for his character and abilities and am proud to know him.”

Randy L. Eck
Calvary United Church of Christ

“Two years ago, Jerusalem United Church of Christ, Trachsville, invited Bill Metzger to a meeting in hopes of fixing a broken church. Jerusalem was shattered into pieces from poor leadership, lack of communication, hatred and mistrust, financial decline and worst of all, loss of support in spirit, direction, and actual membership. “Pastor Bill” agreed to take on our challenging situation.
Pastor Bill approached our church and its people with clear and precise direction. He had the foresight to see our problems in a very neutral way that we were too blind to see ourselves, and did this without taking sides and pointing fingers as to who was at fault. A Leadership Planning Team was put into place and for the first time we could take a good look at ourselves and where the real problems started. An incredible amount of hurt existed within so many people, at times I personally thought was so deep, it could never be healed. Slowly, ever so slowly, the hurt did start to heal. It was not an easy task.
Sometimes I think we took one step forward and then two more back. True and strong leadership took command of situations, we were made accountable for our actions, and we took a deliberate stand on “we don't do that here at Trachsville anymore”. Unfortunately, some people did leave our church and will never return, however, the lesson we learned in this was not to constantly look back and berate ourselves on what we did wrong. We now look ahead to how we can build and grow strong and healthy in spirit and in numbers and look forward to all things we are now going to do right.
During Pastor Bill's two-year interim ministry with us, he prepared us for a new beginning. As Consistory President during this time, I always felt he went above and beyond the call of his duties as our pastor. Bill truly was the most faith filled pastor I ever had the pleasure to work with. He always treated us with the utmost respect and compassion, and he was always fair and honest in dealing with any situation. Bill had the most marvelous ability to be one step ahead of us in knowing when we were ready to be pushed up the next step on the ladder, and at times that ladder seemed to be very high. The behavior, attitude and atmosphere was turned completely around in our congregation when we learned how to love and care for one another with Bill's help and guidance.
I cannot end this appraisal of Bill Metzger without mentioning his Sunday preaching abilities. Bill's sermons on a Sunday morning were always profound. His love and passion for God shines through like a beacon of light. I was moved to tears many times in the explosive way he built a sermon, and how his message stayed with me for weeks. I will always think of the crucifixion of Jesus with deep emotion on every Good Friday, the joy of resurrection in Easter, the miracle of the birth of Jesus at Christmas time, the love and pride in the baptism of my first grandchild, and the simple way he brought ancient scriptures to life in our everyday times. I might add there was always an on-going joke in our congregation that his sermons were always too long, but quite the opposite was true, they were too short because Bill always held your interest with excitement and lots of humor.
I have personally thanked God everyday for having Pastor Bill serve our congregation at Trachsville. I think the paths you take in life are predestined. Many times the journeys we take in life are not what we expect; we at Jerusalem never expected the hard times that fell into our laps, but I now realize how these hard times made us a much stronger congregation and with all the help, prayers and support Pastor Bill sacrificed for us, our journey will continue in faith.”

Wendy K. Hoppel
Consistory President, Jerusalem United Church of Christ, Trachsville

“I worked with Pastor Bill Metzger for the last two years on the Leadership Planning Team and as a member of the Consistory of Jerusalem UCC, Trachsville, PA. He has helped our church, which was in a state of crisis, weather the storm. He is very knowledgeable concerning church affairs and his leadership ability is excellent. I would highly recommend his services. I personally enjoyed my relationship with Pastor Bill as my pastor and spiritual guidance in my life.”

Don Kupillas
Jerusalem United Church of Christ, Trachsville

“Pastor Bill Metzger came to our church at a time when we needed leadership and guidance. With his strong organizational skills, work ethic, motivation, kindness, and sense of humor, he showed us the way to move into the future.
We think that Pastor Bill is a 'top notch' United Church of Christ pastor. His sermons are always interesting and presented at a level all can understand and relate to. He has knowledge of the Bible which he conveys in all he does and says.
'People skills' are one of Bill Metzger's strong points. He learns everyone's name and has a keen understanding of people of all ages.”

Barry and Donna Mackes
Jerusalem United Church of Christ, Trachsville

“Serving on the Leadership Development and Intentional Interim Process for Jerusalem UCC Trachsville, PA was an interesting and learning experience. The leadership conducted by Rev. A. William Metzger was very beneficial.
'Results' achieved are the people and consistory members are more friendly and more supportive, building a better relationship within the congregation. The church is experiencing an increase in attendance and hopefully will show a steady increase in new membership. In that respect, the consulting services show a big plus for Jerusalem UCC. With a new full time pastor coming on board, I trust the church is going in the right direction.”

Leonard L. Borger
Jerusalem United Church of Christ, Trachsville

“I believe our church family has reconnected and grown in a positive way with Pastor Bill's guidance. Pastor Bill has a no-nonsense, wise approach to leadership. The continual use of the Fruits of the Spirit in sermons and discussions had a special meaning to me. Overall I personally benefitted from Pastor Bill's time at Jerusalem as did my family, and our church family most definitely experienced a renewed sense of purpose and hope for the future.”

Andrea Lazicki
Jerusalem United Church of Christ, Trachsville

“Pastor Bill truly showed me what Christian love is all about. Even after leaving Jerusalem, I always considered it to be 'my church'. Once Pastor Bill arrived and talked us back into coming back, I felt like a new person. Now, more than ever, I do things more Christian-like. I believe Pastor Bill made me a stronger Christian by how helpful and generous he was.”

Megan Lazicki
Jerusalem United Church of Christ, Trachsville

“I think Pastor Bill was exactly what our church needed. He brought a positive atmosphere back to our church. He was a very professional, but fun, pastor. He brought our church back together as one again. He dedicated so much of his time to our church family. He is a great pastor and he will be missed very much.”

Kelsey Lazicki
Jerusalem United Church of Christ, Trachsville

“Jerusalem UCC has had the privilege of working with Rev. Metzger on two occasions. The first was in 2001 as the UCC representative for the dissolution of the Union Church and again in 2007 when he was hired as Intentional Interim Minister.
As part of our Dissolution Team, Pastor Bill brought his vast knowledge and wisdom to the table in helping secure a peaceful and just split with the Lutheran congregation. He was again called into service as Intentional Interim Minister to bring the congregation together after our pastor left for another church. Pastor Bill not only led us in worship, but led us to an understanding of what happened and how to forgive and grow from this experience.
Pastor Bill is not only a faith-filled pastor, but also a caring, fun-loving person.”

Terry Goodhile
Jerusalem United Church of Christ, Trachsville

“Bill is both well-trained and highly skilled in the areas of Systems Theory, Organizational Development, Leadership Development & Training, Conflict Intervention, and Long-Range and Strategic Planning.  Bill is honest, possesses a gift for 'reading' an organization, extremely well-organized, and has a wonderful personality and sense of humor.  Bill is the most qualified and gifted Organizational Consultant I have ever worked with.

Rev. Alan C. Miller
Conference Minister Penn Northeast Conference, UCC, Governing Board Member, Phoebe Ministries

“I had the privilege of working with Bill during Phoebe Home's Faith in Action initiative. Bill led our group in day long discussions on how Phoebe Ministries could articulate and promote our faith based ministry of service to our elderly residents to the wider community and within our own organization. Through Bill's leadership we were challenged to discern the core values that govern our working relationships and also our care of our patients. This involved personal introspection as well as small and large group discussion. Bill led this all with a steady hand, keeping us focused but also aware, through his devotions and prayers, that we were engaged in holy work. Like the best spiritual directors-Renaissance Consulting Group can help organizations discern, articulate and cultivate their own company's spiritual identity and how that in turn affects the physical work their employees do on a day to day basis.

Rev. Albert Martin
Pastoral Care Services, Phoebe Ministries, Allentown

“Bill has served as consultant to Phoebe Ministries in a variety of ways.  Foremost, he has worked with us to develop a "Faith in Action" initiative which has helped the organization re-define its mission, vision and values. In addition, this FiA initiative has provided a means for Board members, Senior Administrators, and managers within the Phoebe organization to develop a better way of working together to achieve our goals. He has developed a strong collegial relationship with me and all those with whom he works. He is thoughtful, develops a clear and understandable method of approaching a task, and facilitates the process well. Given the nature of the Faith in Action initiative, he has provided a solid spiritual foundation for the initiative and the outcomes it has produced.
In addition, Bill has facilitated the Long Range Planning process at Phoebe Ministries. He has helped the organization develop a specific method with measurable criteria for prioritizing goals for the future of the organization.

Rev. Allan Kramer-Moyer
Vice President, Pastoral Care Services, Phoebe Ministries

“In today's business environment, strategy has never been more important. Yet research shows that most companies fail to execute strategy successfully. Bill utilizes a distinct collaborative approach to achieve consensus, facilitate change and establish metrics to monitor outcomes that bring to life a strategic planning process and plan. All this flows from Bill's personal bias for action TODAY! TRUST ME, IT WORKS!

William Davies
Chief Operating Office, Phoebe Ministries

“Bill Metzger is one of the most talented consultants and facilitators that I have experienced in my career. He has the perfect blend of skills to draw out the best in groups dealing with complex and multifaceted issues. His understanding of group dynamics keeps productivity high and people feeling valued and motivated. Participants appreciate Bill's style, sense of humor, sensitivity, humility, wisdom and encouragement.

Charles L. Fehr
CRFE, Director of Leadership Gifts, Phoebe Ministries

“As a Phoebe Ministries' Board member I have worked closely with Bill on several recent initiatives, including updating mission and vision statements for the organization and serving on the governance task force. I have also seen the results of other projects that Bill has been involved with at Phoebe, including a Faith in Action initiative and restructuring the long range planning process. I have been greatly impressed with his unique talent that combines his faith, values and leadership skills with a keen business sense. I have observed his knack of leading a process by listening to all opinions and helping to arrive at a consensus without pushing for an outcome, while always keeping the organization's best interests in mind. And he has the creative ability to consolidate different views into meaningful, straight forward and well documented results. He has a great leadership style, is respected by all, and uses humor to make everyone feel at ease. I would highly recommend Bill for a wide variety of consulting services."

Don Seibert
Trustee, Governing Board of Phoebe Ministries

“I am privileged to be a member of Phoebe's Faith in Action Team. The team meetings were facilitated by Bill Metzger who was an inspiration to the group as we formulated our thought and ideas into new Mission, Vision  and Value statements for Phoebe Ministries. Bill kept us focused at each gathering which resulted in very productive meetings. His leadership skills and his inspirational words were an asset to this initiative. I am thankful to have this opportunity to work with Bill and this team.

Antoinette Tranter
Manager, Phoebe Terrace Retirement Community

“I have found that the consulting services that Bill Metzger has provided to Phoebe Ministries have been extremely beneficial to the Phoebe Board and Long Range Planning Committee.  Bill is very straightforward and is able to think and organize very clearly.  In my opinion, the biggest benefit has been his ability to organize a process for evaluating long range projects.

John T. Lawton
Senior Vice President, Burke Lawton Brewer & Burke, Member of Long Range Planning Committee, Phoebe Ministries

“I've had the privilege of knowing Bill Metzger for many years through my employment with Phoebe Ministries. Prior to his current engagement as consultant to the board of trustees and leadership team, Bill served as a member of our long range planning committee and as a parent board member. Bill brings an impressive range of for-profit business experience and work with not-for-profit faith based organizations to his consulting practice. Most recently he has guided the Phoebe Ministries board governance task force in developing a governance improvement plan including governance operating policies. Bill has worked closely with Trustees and the Executive team to restructure our long range planning process. This endeavor has redefined our approach to project evaluation and has created a five year working template for our long range planning.
I value Bill's ability to challenge assumptions, guide, and educate our staff. He has presented practical solutions that have strengthened our long range planning process. 
I believe Bill's experience can bring extraordinary benefit to organizations looking for assistance with board restructuring, and long range planning evaluation. Bill is well versed through his business experience to provide practical tools for process improvement.

Lisa Fichera
Executive Vice President, Administration and Health Care Services, Phoebe Ministries

“Bill has been extremely helpful and successful in guiding our organization in the right direction, since his involvement we have experienced greater clarity and unity, which is pertinent to the success of any organization. His confidence, focus and faith in his mission have been far reaching and many of our employees, including myself, continue to reap the benefits. Our organization now offers a happier, healthier work environment in which individuals are more comfortable to be a part of and more confident to grow. I would encourage any organization that feels stagnant, disconnected or perhaps has somewhere along the way lost sight of their vision and/or mission or even their momentum to consider Renaissance Consulting.

Marian E. Worthington
Certified Geriatric Care Manager, Phoebe Ministries

“I know Bill through his leadership development and strategic planning work at Phoebe Ministries. Bill has a non-threatening yet straightforward style in developing leadership talent. I have personally grown as a leader through his relationship with our company. Bill’s work is theoretically based yet he infuses it with real life situations and a good measure of humor that kind of makes you smile as you develop. Bill has a natural, friendly style that promotes a safe environment so that real leadership issues can be heard and worked on.
On the business strategy side Bill has given Phoebe the tools to clearly articulate strategy direction. He has assisted us in developing an entire strategic planning tool box and process that our organization needed to identify and justify where we should go and how we are going to get there. This strategic planning process is being brought to front line leaders which will ensure that as a company we will not miss opportunity that may be derived from any one of over 1000 employees. For me it has been a pleasure to work with Bill. He is a person of exceptional talent and character. I would strongly recommend Renaissance to your organization.

Michell Staska-Pier
Vice President of Operations and Administrator, Phoebe Ministries, Allentown Campus

“Bill Metzger, Renaissance Consulting Group, has made a real difference in preparing Phoebe Ministries for growth in ministry, effectiveness in governance, and excellence in organizational outcomes. He brings a probing coaching style that directs the working teams to identify desired outcomes, impactful strategies, and the appropriate metrics to measure progress.
Mr. Metzger's professionalism, process design and attention to detail will build team momentum . . . and keep it until the mission of the work team is accomplished. His "takeaways" will be systems and process that will sustain your organization well into the future.
I highly recommend Renaissance Consulting Group as an organization that will help prepare you for a sustainable and prosperous future.  

Mitchell Possinger
President & Founder, Cura Hospitality, Governing Board Member, Phoebe Ministries

“Phoebe Ministries has benefited greatly from the consulting work done by William Metzger of the Renaissance Consulting Group.
I have had an excellent working relationship with Mr. Metzger while serving on the Phoebe Governing Board, Phoebe Long Range Planning Committee and the Phoebe Governance Task Force.
He is always well prepared and uses his extensive knowledge of Board Governance and business practices very effectively.  He has excellent follow-through and a unique talent for getting recommendations translated into actions.

Ronald L. Rider
Vice Pres., Partners Financial Network, Inc., Former Chairman of the Board - Phoebe Ministries

“Bill Metzger's approach to understanding people and situations is refreshing. His strong faith, ability to tell a pertinent story and his extensive knowledge of human behavior make his audience feel comfortable, connected, open and eager to do their best work.

Sandy Massetti
Regional Vice President of Operations and Support Services, Phoebe Ministries

“Bill Metzger has worked directly with the leadership team at our organization to help us roll out our Faith in Action initiative and he has been instrumental in revising our performance appraisal system in order to reflect these behaviors and values. He has worked directly with our entire Leadership Team to further develop our leadership skills and show us different ways to approach our day to day operations. Additionally, Mr. Metzger has worked with our Governance Board in order to develop the members and enhance their effectiveness. After working with Mr. Metzger over the past year or two I can honestly say that his experiences have given him a unique perspective on both life and business. He is extremely knowledgeable and very personable, and he has provided me with a great deal of information to help me become a better version of myself. I am certain that his expertise would be valuable to any organization fortunate enough to have him on board to assist their team.

Tracy Roman
Assistant Administrator, Phoebe Ministries, Allentown Campus

“Bill’s service to our organization has been invaluable. Under his direction, we have developed a core set of values and a mission and vision that reflect our great history, our beliefs and the principles we strive for each day. 
Bill takes you on a meaningful journey towards your destination. He energizes the group with his experiences and humor and he challenges the group with frank questioning and self-reflection. Throughout the entire process, Bill provides insightful guidance and facilitates success.
I would recommend Bill's service to anyone needing professional development or growth of any kind. It has been a pleasure to be part of the team under his direction and I have grown both personally and professionally  from the experience. He has had a very profound impact on my life and has provided me with a model of leadership and spirituality I hope to one day achieve.

Melanie Kohler
Interim Director – Information Technology, Phoebe Ministries


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