“Rev. Metzger was one of several consulting resources recommended to us at a time when our church was in an unsettled state. We had one minister leave under unfortunate circumstances and the subsequent minister left after a rather short pastorate.
When we first interviewed Rev. Metzger, in addition to his counseling experience, he impressed us with the well-thought out plan he had prepared to assist us through this difficult period. In the ensuing months he facilitated our self-analysis and introspection as well as enabling us to formulate a clearer vision of what our vision and mission should be.
He was also a tremendous resource for our Search Committee in the compilation of our church profile and ideal characteristics for our new pastor. Under Rev. Metzger’s leadership, we also developed a comprehensive plan for ministry.
Rev. Metzger impressed us with the diligence, enthusiasm and professionalism he displayed in his consultations. His sessions were always well prepared, comprehensive, and his follow-up was excellent. He is very personable and is very adept at drawing out responses. We are extremely satisfied with his process and the results. We wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone requiring his expertise.”

Carole Deutsch
For Jordan United Church of Christ Consistory and Search Committee

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