“Bill is both well-trained and highly skilled in the areas of Systems Theory, Organizational Development, Leadership Development & Training, Conflict Intervention, and Long-Range and Strategic Planning. Bill is honest, possesses a gift for 'reading' an organization, extremely well-organized, and has a wonderful personality and sense of humor. Bill is the most qualified and gifted Organizational Consultant I have ever worked with.

Rev. Alan C. Miller
Conference Minister Penn Northeast Conference, UCC, Governing Board Member, Phoebe Ministries

“I had the privilege of working with Bill during Phoebe Home's Faith in Action initiative. Bill led our group in day long discussions on how Phoebe Ministries could articulate and promote our faith based ministry of service to our elderly residents to the wider community and within our own organization. Through Bill's leadership we were challenged to discern the core values that govern our working relationships and also our care of our patients. This involved personal introspection as well as small and large group discussion. Bill led this all with a steady hand, keeping us focused but also aware, through his devotions and prayers, that we were engaged in holy work. Like the best spiritual directors-Renaissance Consulting Group can help organizations discern, articulate and cultivate their own company's spiritual identity and how that in turn affects the physical work their employees do on a day to day basis.

Rev. Albert Martin
Pastoral Care Services, Phoebe Ministries, Allentown

“Bill has served as consultant to Phoebe Ministries in a variety of ways. Foremost, he has worked with us to develop a "Faith in Action" initiative which has helped the organization re-define its mission, vision and values. In addition, this FiA initiative has provided a means for Board members, Senior Administrators, and managers within the Phoebe organization to develop a better way of working together to achieve our goals. He has developed a strong collegial relationship with me and all those with whom he works. He is thoughtful, develops a clear and understandable method of approaching a task, and facilitates the process well. Given the nature of the Faith in Action initiative, he has provided a solid spiritual foundation for the initiative and the outcomes it has produced.
In addition, Bill has facilitated the Long Range Planning process at Phoebe Ministries. He has helped the organization develop a specific method with measurable criteria for prioritizing goals for the future of the organization.

Rev. Allan Kramer-Moyer
Vice President, Pastoral Care Services, Phoebe Ministries

“In today's business environment, strategy has never been more important. Yet research shows that most companies fail to execute strategy successfully. Bill utilizes a distinct collaborative approach to achieve consensus, facilitate change and establish metrics to monitor outcomes that bring to life a strategic planning process and plan. All this flows from Bill's personal bias for action TODAY! TRUST ME, IT WORKS!

William Davies
Chief Operating Office, Phoebe Ministries

“Bill Metzger is one of the most talented consultants and facilitators that I have experienced in my career. He has the perfect blend of skills to draw out the best in groups dealing with complex and multifaceted issues. His understanding of group dynamics keeps productivity high and people feeling valued and motivated. Participants appreciate Bill's style, sense of humor, sensitivity, humility, wisdom and encouragement.

Charles L. Fehr
CRFE, Director of Leadership Gifts, Phoebe Ministries

“As a Phoebe Ministries' Board member I have worked closely with Bill on several recent initiatives, including updating mission and vision statements for the organization and serving on the governance task force. I have also seen the results of other projects that Bill has been involved with at Phoebe, including a Faith in Action initiative and restructuring the long range planning process. I have been greatly impressed with his unique talent that combines his faith, values and leadership skills with a keen business sense. I have observed his knack of leading a process by listening to all opinions and helping to arrive at a consensus without pushing for an outcome, while always keeping the organization's best interests in mind. And he has the creative ability to consolidate different views into meaningful, straight forward and well documented results. He has a great leadership style, is respected by all, and uses humor to make everyone feel at ease. I would highly recommend Bill for a wide variety of consulting services."

Don Seibert
Trustee, Governing Board of Phoebe Ministries

“I am privileged to be a member of Phoebe's Faith in Action Team. The team meetings were facilitated by Bill Metzger who was an inspiration to the group as we formulated our thought and ideas into new Mission, Vision and Value statements for Phoebe Ministries. Bill kept us focused at each gathering which resulted in very productive meetings. His leadership skills and his inspirational words were an asset to this initiative. I am thankful to have this opportunity to work with Bill and this team.

Antoinette Tranter
Manager, Phoebe Terrace Retirement Community

“I have found that the consulting services that Bill Metzger has provided to Phoebe Ministries have been extremely beneficial to the Phoebe Board and Long Range Planning Committee. Bill is very straightforward and is able to think and organize very clearly. In my opinion, the biggest benefit has been his ability to organize a process for evaluating long range projects.

John T. Lawton
Senior Vice President, Burke Lawton Brewer & Burke, Member of Long Range Planning Committee, Phoebe Ministries

“I've had the privilege of knowing Bill Metzger for many years through my employment with Phoebe Ministries. Prior to his current engagement as consultant to the board of trustees and leadership team, Bill served as a member of our long range planning committee and as a parent board member. Bill brings an impressive range of for-profit business experience and work with not-for-profit faith based organizations to his consulting practice. Most recently he has guided the Phoebe Ministries board governance task force in developing a governance improvement plan including governance operating policies. Bill has worked closely with Trustees and the Executive team to restructure our long range planning process. This endeavor has redefined our approach to project evaluation and has created a five year working template for our long range planning.
I value Bill's ability to challenge assumptions, guide, and educate our staff. He has presented practical solutions that have strengthened our long range planning process. 
I believe Bill's experience can bring extraordinary benefit to organizations looking for assistance with board restructuring, and long range planning evaluation. Bill is well versed through his business experience to provide practical tools for process improvement.

Lisa Fichera
Executive Vice President, Administration and Health Care Services, Phoebe Ministries

“Bill has been extremely helpful and successful in guiding our organization in the right direction, since his involvement we have experienced greater clarity and unity, which is pertinent to the success of any organization. His confidence, focus and faith in his mission have been far reaching and many of our employees, including myself, continue to reap the benefits. Our organization now offers a happier, healthier work environment in which individuals are more comfortable to be a part of and more confident to grow. I would encourage any organization that feels stagnant, disconnected or perhaps has somewhere along the way lost sight of their vision and/or mission or even their momentum to consider Renaissance Consulting.

Marian E. Worthington
Certified Geriatric Care Manager, Phoebe Ministries

“I know Bill through his leadership development and strategic planning work at Phoebe Ministries. Bill has a non-threatening yet straightforward style in developing leadership talent. I have personally grown as a leader through his relationship with our company. Bill’s work is theoretically based yet he infuses it with real life situations and a good measure of humor that kind of makes you smile as you develop. Bill has a natural, friendly style that promotes a safe environment so that real leadership issues can be heard and worked on.
On the business strategy side Bill has given Phoebe the tools to clearly articulate strategy direction. He has assisted us in developing an entire strategic planning tool box and process that our organization needed to identify and justify where we should go and how we are going to get there. This strategic planning process is being brought to front line leaders which will ensure that as a company we will not miss opportunity that may be derived from any one of over 1000 employees. For me it has been a pleasure to work with Bill. He is a person of exceptional talent and character. I would strongly recommend Renaissance to your organization.

Michell Staska-Pier
Vice President of Operations and Administrator, Phoebe Ministries, Allentown Campus

“Bill Metzger, Renaissance Consulting Group, has made a real difference in preparing Phoebe Ministries for growth in ministry, effectiveness in governance, and excellence in organizational outcomes. He brings a probing coaching style that directs the working teams to identify desired outcomes, impactful strategies, and the appropriate metrics to measure progress.
Mr. Metzger's professionalism, process design and attention to detail will build team momentum . . . and keep it until the mission of the work team is accomplished. His "takeaways" will be systems and process that will sustain your organization well into the future.
I highly recommend Renaissance Consulting Group as an organization that will help prepare you for a sustainable and prosperous future.  

Mitchell Possinger
President & Founder, Cura Hospitality, Governing Board Member, Phoebe Ministries

“Phoebe Ministries has benefited greatly from the consulting work done by William Metzger of the Renaissance Consulting Group.
I have had an excellent working relationship with Mr. Metzger while serving on the Phoebe Governing Board, Phoebe Long Range Planning Committee and the Phoebe Governance Task Force.
He is always well prepared and uses his extensive knowledge of Board Governance and business practices very effectively. He has excellent follow-through and a unique talent for getting recommendations translated into actions.

Ronald L. Rider
Vice Pres., Partners Financial Network, Inc., Former Chairman of the Board - Phoebe Ministries

“Bill Metzger's approach to understanding people and situations is refreshing. His strong faith, ability to tell a pertinent story and his extensive knowledge of human behavior make his audience feel comfortable, connected, open and eager to do their best work.

Sandy Massetti
Regional Vice President of Operations and Support Services, Phoebe Ministries

“Bill Metzger has worked directly with the leadership team at our organization to help us roll out our Faith in Action initiative and he has been instrumental in revising our performance appraisal system in order to reflect these behaviors and values. He has worked directly with our entire Leadership Team to further develop our leadership skills and show us different ways to approach our day to day operations. Additionally, Mr. Metzger has worked with our Governance Board in order to develop the members and enhance their effectiveness. After working with Mr. Metzger over the past year or two I can honestly say that his experiences have given him a unique perspective on both life and business. He is extremely knowledgeable and very personable, and he has provided me with a great deal of information to help me become a better version of myself. I am certain that his expertise would be valuable to any organization fortunate enough to have him on board to assist their team.

Tracy Roman
Assistant Administrator, Phoebe Ministries, Allentown Campus

“Bill’s service to our organization has been invaluable. Under his direction, we have developed a core set of values and a mission and vision that reflect our great history, our beliefs and the principles we strive for each day. 
Bill takes you on a meaningful journey towards your destination. He energizes the group with his experiences and humor and he challenges the group with frank questioning and self-reflection. Throughout the entire process, Bill provides insightful guidance and facilitates success.
I would recommend Bill's service to anyone needing professional development or growth of any kind. It has been a pleasure to be part of the team under his direction and I have grown both personally and professionally from the experience. He has had a very profound impact on my life and has provided me with a model of leadership and spirituality I hope to one day achieve.

Melanie Kohler
Interim Director – Information Technology, Phoebe Ministries

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Solidly rooted in systems theory and the practical application of systems analysis, Renaissance's primary focus is assisting organizations in recreating leadership and planning for renewed performance by:

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conflict resolution concepts techniques and skill development

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Renaissance offers a variety of workshops addressing topics such as business planning, process improvement, Board development & governance, conflict resolution, leadership development and succession planning.