• Assisting an elder care ministry in extending its Faith in Action Initiative and facilitation of the FiA Team/Steering Committee; in working with the BOD to focus on areas needing improvement and developing a BOD Governance Improvement Plan, including developing a Governance Scorecard; revising/augmenting the Performance Management Process to include specific behavioral core competencies based on the new Values developed within the FiA initiative; working with the Executive Committee and Leadership Team to further refine and implement their Leadership Development Program, integrating the FiA Initiative outcomes and establish a Ministry/Business Council; and work with the Long Range Planning Comittee of the BOD to vision and plan for ministry in the 21st century.

• Assisting a construction management company in developing and implementing a strategic business and succession plan allowing them to focus on growing the company and insuring its future viability

• Assisting a family-owned engineering services company in developing and implementing a strategic business plan and succession planning process to improve performance, achieve sustainable growth and facilitate a leadership turnover

Assisting the Board and newly instated Management Team of a Caribbean utility in developing a strategic recovery plan to address findings in a management audit that dealt with all aspects of the island utility organization, its culture, its values, its future vision and its relationship with local governing bodies

Assisting the Board and key staff of a local mission in developing their strategic plan and action plans for ministry for the next 3 years.

• Assisting several churches through intentional interim time periods focused on identifying systemic strengths and vulnerabilities, healthy leadership and future vision, values and mission

• Assisting a utility company in coaching and refining an individual's leadership/management skills, as well as creating the platform future improvements for an Operations Center and the entire service territory

• Assisting a development corporation in creating a detailed business plan moving forward

• Assisting four corporate Vice Presidents in setting long-range business direction, consolidating their leadership efforts and focusing their respective organizations in integrating their business planning processes, understanding how to improve their working relationships, provide consistent, cohesive leadership direction and align their resources with essential work

• Assisting the executives and owners of a family-owned business to develop and implement policies and procedures focused on establishing fair and equitable guidelines relating to and arising from dual employee/family/partnership roles and relationships

• Assisting a School District’s Administrative Team to improve working relationships, decision-making, clarifying expectations and roles for team members with a focus on prioritizing business issues and the outcomes to be achieved, developing conflict resolution techniques and learning to self-evaluate and critique team performance

• Providing leadership coaching and mentoring to a research laboratory’s General Manager and Management team in enhancing leadership skills and developing a collaborative approach to strategic business planning

• Working directly with the VP Finance, Controller and Accounting Management Department staff of a large interstate petroleum pipeline company to develop a process to improve working relations and Accounting Department effectiveness. The process was designed to effect organizational change and foster continuous improvement.

• Assisting the Vice President Human Resources and Steering Committee within a large regional hospital system to develop the process and criteria for staffing the director level following a merger with another major hospital system

• Developing and implementing a Succession Planning process with integrated peer challenge to identify critical leadership skills and competencies, leadership potential, growth opportunities and ensure employee’s skills and needs were periodically evaluated and captured in development plans

• Assisting the Board of Directors of a local non-profit in setting mission, vision and governance processes and developing a strategic plan in support of their mission/ministry with the impoverished

• Assisting two fossil generating units and a gas company in developing their 5 year business plans, including key strategic areas, objectives, initiatives, sponsors, appropriate performance indicators and measures, resource plans, and O&M and Capital budgets/forecasts

• Assisting an Outage Reduction Team in outage process improvement with the goal of improving equivalent availability to 94%, including analyzing current processes, best practices, reshaping outage planning process and milestones, developing root causes of lower availability and corrective actions, developing and hardwiring individual pay for performance metrics to the outage job position level, finalizing the outage readiness assessment process, outage schedule development, float management and schedule progressing

• Assessing a company’s Project Management function, identifying the active projects and their current status and future forecasts for scope, schedule and cost, supporting processes, policies and structure, as compared to the concepts and design principles of a newly instituted work management program, gap analysis and closure plan identifying issues, areas, process and functions which require refinement or modification, developing a staffing recommendation and implementation plan

• Assisting a Customer Service VP and management team in developing an aggressive business plan including improving the effectiveness and efficiency of work processes, establishing appropriate benchmarks, metrics, performance indicators, business objectives and work processes, establishing targets for cost reduction as well as opportunities for revenue growth, further refining Revenue Management and Revenue Cycle Services processes

• Assisting a Material Process Evaluation Team with clarifying the design basis of the material management program, evaluating the current state of implementation, identifying the issues that needed to be resolved and developing a plan to address corrective actions with performance indicators to measure effectiveness

• Numerous process assessment and redesign assignments including, storm management assessment, meter reading, tree trimming alliances, dig-in process, cable repair, human resources, revenue growth, customer average interruption duration, various lesson learned assessments, goal setting with tariff group, and working with process lead management teams to develop priority work, business plans, risk assessments and refine work processes

• Developing initiatives to achieve a 10% reduction in plant maintenance costs over a three year period and creating a labor strategy which was assessed and valued at the corporate level to determine the best outcome for earnings per share for management review and implementation

• Designing, preparing and facilitating specific interface and role workshops to help a company in the implementation and transition to a new organizational structure and assisting in the resolution of short and long-term transition issues

• Providing business planning assistance to the hydro and fossil generation business unit of an east coast utility.

• Providing management and leadership consulting in the development of a Strategic Business Planning Process for a large east coast corporation’s Power Delivery & Operations and Maintenance Departments

• Developing intra-company Service Level Agreements, for annual products and services exceeding $100 million dollars, commensurate with the introduction of a work management process resulting in the creation of five new positions in the organization, which were responsible for focusing work release and execution

• Providing leadership feedback and coaching to Supervisors in the Accounting Department of an east coast business, which involved business process re-engineering and changes in services provided to a customer focus

• Providing management and leadership consulting to a Nuclear generating plant in refining and revising their Strategic Business Planning Process, including clarifying organizational Mission, Vision and Values, developing a collaborative Senior Management team, introducing concepts of sponsorship, teamwork, mutual accountability and professionalism

• Assisting an inner-city church, visioning how they may need to change in order to survive, as well as, defining and prioritizing several key strategic areas of mission and ministry

• Providing direction and developing a process for a non-profit organization to deal with a leadership crisis, develop codes of conduct for the staff and roles and responsibilities and codes of conduct for the Board of Directors to ensure healthy leadership and a mission focus in the future

• Assisting a suburban church be open to the Spirit while discerning God’s call, defining key areas of mission and ministry, setting a vision for new pastoral leadership and direction, dealing with and developing a plan to confront some destructive behavior which surfaced as a result of the process

• Representing the PNEConference of the United Church of Christ with the Lutheran Synod in congregational union dissolution discussions and the creation of a union dissolution agreement and process

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Solidly rooted in systems theory and the practical application of systems analysis, Renaissance's primary focus is assisting organizations in recreating leadership and planning for renewed performance by:

• developing well differentiated leaders

strategic mission-driven operational and long range planning

program and process assessment and redesign

improving work group dynamics

Board governance

conflict resolution concepts techniques and skill development

succession planning

project management processes, policies and tools

improving teamwork

operational effectiveness and efficiency

Renaissance offers a variety of workshops addressing topics such as business planning, process improvement, Board development & governance, conflict resolution, leadership development and succession planning.